Telstra Expands Program To Help Victims Of Domestic Violence Stay Connected Safely

On March 17, 2016, Telstra announced its partnership with Federal Government and Women’s Services Network (WESNET), expanding the Safe Connections program, which will provide up to 20,000 survivors of domestic violence.The program received enthusiastic accolades from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for their participation in the Women s Safety Package.Speaking on the new program, Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said, I am a technology optimist and that is why I am so proud Telstra is part of the Safe Connections program. Safe Connections is about empowering women impacted by domestic violence and we know first-hand from our partnership with WESNET that this program makes a real difference. Technology, especially a mobile phone, is now a major part of everyday life. It is vitally important anyone in a domestic violence situation has access to safe, secure communications so they can stay connected with family and friends at a time when they need to most. It is also critical women are aware te


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