Two Lucky Samsung Galaxy S5 Owners Got The Android 6.0.1 Upgrade Early

With the Samsung Marshmallow upgrade right around the corner, it seems like everyone s talking about Android 6.0.1. Countless speculative posts are flooding tech sites, forums, and message boards, wondering what the highly anticipated upgrade might have in store.Those who can t wait might be interested to get a sneak peak. With a bit of digging, you can, as a few unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 received a surprise upgrade earlier this year.In December, one lucky Samsung Galaxy S5 owner got a surprise package, when Samsung accidentally updated their phone to Android 6.0.1 a few months ahead of schedule. It happened again in France in January, when another unlocked Galaxy S5 owner got the Android 6.0.1 update.Android 6.0.1 is slated for widespread release in April. Android 6.0.1 will include Doze a new feature which will increase standy by, and therefore battery life, by putting the handset into a deeper sleep state. Apps permissions will be changed, with Android users being able to accept o


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