iOS 9.3 Is Causing Some iPhone 6′ To Crash When Opening Links And Apps

Many users are reporting a glitch in iOS 9.3, according to hundreds of reports flooding the Apple Support Forums. The malfunction has been primarily affecting the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, although other Apple products have also been experiencing the strange malfunction. The cause of the technical difficulties has not yet been discovered, but the error leaves users unable to open links while browsing in Safari, as well as open Instant Messages, e-mail, or use certain apps. Instead of opening links in Safari, apps are simply crashing, freezing, or hanging up.iPhone 6 acting up? Contact us today, to find out about our extensive iPhone 6 repair services.Some users have reported that tapping links has no effect, while holding the link simply causes a crash. No solution has been offered, and Apple is declining comment on what might be the cause. Some users have found that turning off JavaScript partially fixes the malfunctioning links in Safari, but the problems still remain while runn


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