How To Repair A Broken iPhone 6 Screen In Less Than 10 Minutes

Cracked screens are the most common reason for iPhone 6 repairs, which is unsurprising considering the slightest tumble to asphalt or pavement can reduce your brand-new, picture-perfect technology to a spider-webbed nightmare in the blink of an eyelash.Not only are cracked iPhone 6 screens ugly and unsightly, they also post a health risk both to your hands and fingers, in the form of cut hands and fingers, as well as your iPhone 6 itself. A cracked iPhone 6 screen exposes your phone s innards to the elements, running the risk of permanent data loss and equipment malfunction.Considering this, it s always a great idea to fix your iPhone when minor damages occur, to protect your investment and your valuable data. Going through Apple can cost hundreds of dollars, however, not to mention leaving you without a phone for days, or even weeks.For brave, foolhardy souls, unwilling to cough up the cash to get their mobile handset repaired or replaced, or be separated from their phone for any amo


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