Frustration Mounts Over iPhone 6 Error 53 Messages

iPhone 6 repairs are tricky at the best of times, with proprietary software and components from Apple, as well as being small and difficult to get beneath the hood.Apple is trying to make it impossible for third parties to work on their products, causing a great storm of upset and unrest from dedicated iPhone users around the globe, who are receiving a cryptic and ominous warning: the Error 53 message.What Is The Error 53 Message?Not that many people, outside of tech enthusiasts, are aware of the Error 53 message. This doesn t change the seriousness of the message, however, which could kill your phone, according to tech journalists.Error 53 appears to mostly impact handsets where the home button, which features built-in touch ID fingerprint recognition, has been repaired by an unofficial mobile phone repair company. Error 53 has also been reported as affecting customers who have been living with damaged phones.Error 53 only becomes an issue with an update to iOS 9, even if the phone w


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