Physical Retailers Are Offering Premium Experiences, To Win Back Customers

Flagship Stores Like This Telstra Shop In Melbourne Are Rejuvenating Physical Retail Sales By Offering Boutique Retail ExperiencesThe Internet and mobile technology have offered us countless thrilling innovations in our daily lives. Need to find your keys? There’s an app for that. Want the latest and best in Asian cinema? You can have that as well.The one thing that e-Commerce cannot offer us is a fun day on the town; individualized attention, advice, and recommendations in real time; or a sense of community.In fact, we are starting to see a backlash against e-Commerce, as more and more people are conducting increasing amounts of their daily interactions through a screen. We’re all getting a bit burned out, and need a break. Which we’re starting to see, considering the surprising statistic that, despite years of flagging sales, 85% of consumers prefer to shop in physical retail stores, according to TimeTrade.Boutique Experiences To Lead Retail InnovationsTo take advantage of the


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