How To Tell If Your iPhone 5 Is Water Damaged

Has your iPhone 5 recently taken a tumble into a full tumbler? Or maybe you dropped your iPhone 5 in the toilet or bath. Don’t be embarrassed! You’re not alone.In fact, water damage is the #1 most common cause for iPhone 5 repairs. Considering that the iPhone repair industry generated $40 billion, annually, that’s a lot of broken, damaged, and submerged phones!So if your iPhone 5 has recently gotten wet, whether fully submerged or mildly damp, and has been acting weird ever since, here’s some steps to tell if your iPhone 5 is water damaged and needs to be repaired.How To Tell If Your iPhone 5 Suffered Water DamageNo matter how tough and durable Apple makes their products, they’re still electronic devices. If your iPhone isn’t sealed in a fully-waterproofed protective case and sometimes even when it is it’s all too easy for an iPhone 5 to sustain water damage.It’s important to determine if your phone is suffering from water damage, or some other ailment, as Apple’s wa


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