Disproving The Most Common Mobile Phone Repair Myths

How often have you accidentally dropped your phone? Judging from the fact that most iPhones are damaged within 10 weeks of their purchase, according to the British company mobilephonechecker.co.uk. And every time a mobile phone is damaged, that friend turns up with some mythical advice on how you can resurrect your device from the dead.Of course, most things that sound too good to be true usually are. If these repair hacks were as easy and foolproof as people would have you believe, everybody would know about it, and Apple and Samsung techs would be out on the street! If you drop your phone in a bowl of mashed potatoes, you will likely still have to seek out mobile phone repair in Melbourne.We’ve investigated some of the most common mobile phone repair myths, to find out what’s what.The Most Common Mobile Phone Repair MythsThe Bowl Of RiceEveryone’s heard of this one. The story goes that if you drop your cell phone in some kind of liquid, you can place it in a bowl of uncooked r


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