DIY iPhone Repair: 5 Quick Fix Tips that Might Help with Audio Issues

Various problems plague iPhone users here in Melbourne, and many of these concerns have something to do with audio. Audio issues range from the phone not ringing or making alert sounds and disappearing volume bars to unrecognized headphones and utter loss of sound when music is played. While they may be caused by several factors, you can take some steps that might reduce the impact of the problem before getting in touch with an iPhone repair service. Try the following measures for a quick fix:

1. Restart your iPhone. Like a lagged PC, your iPhone may just need a refresher. If it’s just a harmless bug, resetting your iPhone should do the trick. To do this, hold the Power/Sleep and home button at the same time until the screen blacks off and turn it back on again until you see the Apple logo. This solution won’t affect any of your personal settings and files.


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