Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne May Help Fix “Official” Problems

“The HTC One, for instance, is vulnerable to a software glitch that slows down the response time of its Home or Back buttons, especially if the phone had a screen protector installed. To fix this problem, the owner must download an update or tinker around with the buttons a bit to see if the phone will work after being pressed a few times. If none of these steps do the trick, then it’s high time to pay a Melbourne HTC repair centre a visit.

Water damage is another leading cause of button failure as it messes up the device’s circuitry. Button failure is the least of any mobile phone owner’s concerns, though, as water damage can also cause the display screen to short and the camera to malfunction. In the unfortunate event that the device gets wet, the user will have to remove the phone’s battery unit immediately as the damage wrought by water hinges on how much electrical current is still present in the device. Apple, HTC, and other companies consequently encourage customers to invest


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