Moisture Damage: A Frequent Cause for iPhone Repairs in Melbourne

It’s important to note that most of Apple’s mobile devices have liquid contact indicators (LCIs) that turn red when water comes into contact with the circuit board. Unfortunately, as the article later notes, the LCI is located inside the charging dock (or inside the nano-SIM card slot in newer models), where your sweaty palms can easily set it off. It’s not surprising then that moisture damage is one of the leading causes of iPhone repairs in Melbourne.

Since an iPhone’s warranty does not cover liquid damage, your best recourse is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Nowadays, there are many protective cases in the market, and some of them can waterproof your phone in addition to helping it survive a fall. Also, never take your iPhone with you to the shower; while listening to tunes during your morning bath is fun, the steam and humidity just might trigger the phone’s LCI.


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